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Author Mark Stephen Levy

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Denver, Colorado, United States
I was so inspired by my adventures while traveling throughout Europe, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and other exotic locales that I had to write something. Then one day early last year, an idea started to take form quickly. I was finally enabled to weave some of my stories and integrate them into one of the best love story adventures to come along in years.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Thank you for stopping by to spend a few minutes with the OVERLAND the book blog. Here you can read about various scenarios and paths we take in life and integrate them to certain scenes and points of views with Danny and some of the other characters within OVERLAND.

Some readers of the book might be wondering, what is all the fuss? This book was released last year. It is true, OVERLAND was first published in August 2009....and now re-released in September 2010. Why?

Simply, I had grown to love my characters and couldn't say goodbye. OVERLAND ends with some wonderful closure but left the door open for a certain character and what the end.

About 6 months after publication last year, I came up with the idea for a sequel, and it was good, really good. I didn't want to wait to write the sequel to see this new part of the story...and so, the new release of OVERLAND there is an exciting and crucial added element of the storyline and will create a natural path for the sequel.

I loved it how it came out, and now inspired to share this story with you, and looking forward to the path of the OVERLAND re-release and on to write part II.

What do you think about the new cover?

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Jenny Stradling said...

Wow, I didn't realize that you changed the original story ending for a sequel! Interesting and thank you for sharing that! Can't what for part 2! Any thoughts on releases dates?