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I was so inspired by my adventures while traveling throughout Europe, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and other exotic locales that I had to write something. Then one day early last year, an idea started to take form quickly. I was finally enabled to weave some of my stories and integrate them into one of the best love story adventures to come along in years.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Endorsements for OVERLAND

OVERLAND OVERLAND by Mark Stephen Levy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sara Wolf Stevens' Review of Overland

What a magical story! Mark not only gives us a story about love, he also provides action, adventure, and suspense. I found this book to flow as I turned each page and was taken away to far away places by Mark's vivid descriptions and incorporation of historical events. I would highly recommend this book to fans of all genres for its appeal to entertain the reader and keep you hooked all the way to the end.

From Jennifer Foust:

"Your story was so intoxicating...your writing so picturesque without being wordy, the locales were postcard perfect, you really not just painted the image with your words, but I could hear the sounds and smell the scents of each scene that you described...I really felt as though I was there, as though I was Danny. I adore Emily, even the briefly introduced Anna. That's what I mean, you described each character, that they became people in my world. I even found myself weeping at the Tea Garden when they embrace at the end. And although you realistically described the horrific personal tradgies of war, I loved the way the doctors and towns folks were united and had the intimate relationships that this environment created. And you made it realistic but not gory where you want to skip thru it, I wanted to read every word because even with the bad you worked in a bit of compassion/good over evil/humanity at it's best a the time when it was it's worst. And the village story where Emily and Danny have their hut was such a romantic and perfectly time respite from the realistic war. From the birth then it went to the war and threat of death but ended in the escape...I just didn't want to put it down but at the same time I didn't want to read it too fast because each section was so wonderful I didn't want it to end. Your story has minute I was laughing, then teary-eyed. This would make one heck of a movie, like "The Notebook" quality movie.

From Lindsey Landis:

"Mark, I just finished your book! What a page-turner! You did a fantastic job! "

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